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30.05.As if, in that moment, the city embraces women FINAL

23.05.Collective Reading Session #2

16.05.Film Screening : “Impasse”

25.04.Film Screening : “Profession: Documentarist”

23.04.unsettling x de Ateliers:
CAConrad in conversation with Jason Dodge

18.04.Identity Politics and the Women Question by Setareh Shohadaei
11.04.Collective Reading Session #1
11.04.As if, in that moment, the city embraces women starts



05.04. Movement Session by Gogo Lupin

04.04.Settling Care #12: Finale

29.03.Movement Session by De Rruise

28.03.Settling Care #11 : Dagmar Bosma
21.03.Settling Care #10 : Mercedes Azpilicueta
14.03.Settling Care #9 : Morena Bamberger
07.03.Settling Care #8 : Lynn Berger

01.03.Stories to Sleep to with Goytung

29.02.Settling Care #7 : a retro-perspective
26.02.Learning Palestine #2 with Yazan Khalili
22.02.Settling Care #6 : Simomo Bouj
15.02.Settling Care #5 : Hettie Judah
08.02.Settling Care #4 : Delphine Bedel

01.02.Settling Care #3 : Natascha Hagenbaak
25.01.Settling Care #2 : Buhlebezwe Siwani
18.01.Settling Care #1 : Introduction
18.01.Settling Care Starts

11.01.Stories to Sleep to : with Nisala


20.12.Learning Palestine with Yazan Khalili
07.12.Stories to Sleep to : Sumia Juxun

27. + 28.11.Creativity and Resilience Workshop
30.11Artist Talk by Kenneth Aiido and Frederick Calmes
23.11.Artist Talk by Gogo Lupin
02.11.Artist Talk by Lemi Ghariokwu
28.10.No Healing Without Repair
26.10.Artist Talk by Lynnée Denise 
26.10 – 07.12BLACK PRESENCE program starts
05.07.unsettlingbar: Opening Party 
30.03. + 06.04.Infinite Transitions by Lyuba Maytunina
21.03.Nowruz Dinner
16.02Spit City Playthrough by Elio Carranza
09.02.Make Friends Not Art by Fiep van Bodegom
12.01. Reworking Gossip Culture by Nisala


15.12.Eco-sensual Creative Writing Workshop with Jori(k) Amit 
08.12.Trying not to know is an active porcess of denial and forgetting, don’t forget to forget : Artist Talk by Sharan Bala
07.12.Queer Tattooing with Ella Smith Jr.
01.12.To Bleed or Not To Bleed with Olave Nduwanje
29. + 30.11.Workshops with DJ Lynnée Denise 
24.11.(Soma)tic Rituals with CA Conrad
23.11.OUTTHERE Symposium : LGBTQIA+ Month Starts
26.04.Practical Implications Part 2
26.04.unsettling walk with Bijlmer Believers and Architectural Design Department and Artwell Residencies
21.04.A Choir of Tongues II by Sara Santana and Maria Paris
20.04.Practical Implications Part 1
13.04.Intersectionality and Art
06.04.Dissecting the Academy, the Curriculum, the Work Field
05.04.Forming with Ayesha Ghanchi
30.03.Intersectionality Continues 
23.03.Intersectionality 101 
22.03.Journey Continues with Ayesha Ghanchi
08.03.Journey with Ayesha Ghanchi
10.02.Why Antiracism? : workshop by Danny Soekarnsingh


16.02.Crushing Boundraies, Embracing Queerness with Storm Vogel
11.02.In Nature, I Open Up with Afe Abeni and Henry Robinson


5+12.11.Occult Poetry & (Soma)tic Rituals with CAConrad
19.11.Teaching in unsettled times with Ayesha Ghanchi and Hodan Warsame
28.05.On Taking Matters into Our Own Hands with Ying Que
07.05.Resting Time Body - Bones in Space with Tommislav Feller
14+21.05.About Collective Reading Practice with Read-in Collective
30.04.The Teachings of This Moment: reflections on learning and solidarity through crisis with Ayesha Ghanchi
23.04.I will rest during the revolution by Olave Basabose
9+16.04How can we process grief, loss and uncertainty in times of Corona with Camille Barton


27.11.unsettling DJ-ing with Lynnee Denise
20.11.unsettling activism with Camille Barton
13+14.11.unsettling rituals with CAConrad
13.11.unsettling Public Lecture with CAConrad
07+08.11.unsettling deprogramming pt. 2 with Cibelle Bastos
28+29.10.Tempo~Orale with Angelo Custodio and Eva Susova
17.10.unsettling walk with Tomislav Feller
03.10.unsettling opening with Mark Turner
09.05.unsettling Round Table
14+15+26.02.unsettling weaving with Richard John Jones
27.02.unsettling fabulations with Studium Generale
07.02.unsettling Open Day Sandberg
25.01.unsettling Open Day Rietveld
10+11+17+18.01.unsettling teachers with Ayesha Ghanchi


11.12.unsettling voices with Cleaver Cunningham and Tracian Meikle
03+05.12.Introduction to Power, Privilege and Anti-Racist Practice with Camille Barton
28.11.Kemah Bob at Beam me up Gerrit! in Paradiso
27.11.unsettling performance workshop with keyon gaskin
14+21.11.unsettling workshop with Sekai Makoni
21.11.unsettling reading-group with read-in
09.11.unsettling hosts a conversation with Aminata Cairo
17.10unsettling voices with Georges Mahashe
10.10.unsettling reading-group
20.09.unsettling walk and info day