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unsettling walk

with Tomislav Feller

Warmoestraat 139 CBE 
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
We will leave the Rietveld/Sandberg for our first Unsettling Walk (or bike/metro ride) to Jacuzzi for: IF THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD STOP

This workshop proposes a communal space of radical slowing, dreaming and undoing.Set as a ritual, we will glide together trough dreamy practices; from napping to building togetherness by saddle choreographic means such as deep listening, authentic movement, vocal and writing scores.  
The main focus of the workshop is to observe the mind while we operate with our bodies: connecting to ourselves, the others and the space in a non intrusive and safe setup free from judgement and the idea of achievement. We will start from doing almost nothing and gradually orchestrate our perception into a collective dancing ritual. This workshop comes from a set of questions such as: Can we discover lines of communication with self, others, and environment dampened by certainty, density and speed? When we slow, when we listen, can we hear the identities, experiences, histories, states of being, bodies that have been made invisible, made non-existent in favour of others?

Everyone is welcome to bring their favourite comfortable workout clothes and to contribute to the space with one (or more) selected object. 

How to get there?

We will meet outside Cafe Fonteyn at Nieuwmarkt 13- 15 at 10:45 and walk over to Jacuzzi at Warmoestraat 139 CBA (Red door right beside W139)

As we will be on location all day, bring lunch! 

Let’s dream our way to a radical unsettled future!

Tomislav Feller (CRO) is a choreographer and performer based in Amsterdam. He graduated from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in 2010, and since then has been making collaborative and solo projects, giving workshops, and exploring states of body through movement.

Tomislav works between Amsterdam and Zagreb. Together with Manuel Scheiwiller he created Contemporary Cruising, a curatorial/choreographic duo that explores the notion of spectacle and the “perfect body” in contemporary performance. The project includes an online magazine and performances, thus far presented at festivals “Les Urbaines” in Lausanne, Platforma festival in Zagreb, Porny Days in Zurich, Kunsthale Vienna and Oceans breathe salty in New York. Tomislav also collaborates with Hana van der Kolk on an ongoing research and performance project focused on the politics and aesthetics of stillness, waiting, nothingness, and collective encounter. Their work has been presented at PAM and Anatomy Riot in Los Angeles, and at Jacuzzi in Amsterdam. Tomislav has performed for many influential international artists such as Steve Paxton, Deborah Hay, Tino Sehgal, Ame Henderson and Matija Ferlin. He is one of the co-founder of the artist run space for dance and performance “Jacuzzi” in Amsterdam.