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Teaching in unsettled Times

with Ayesha Ghanchi and Hodan Warsame

This 8-week course spread over the academic year 2020/2021 is a series of consciousness raising and anti-oppression workshops, designed to help tutors navigate students’ questions and situations regarding oppression, power and politics. 
The aim of these workshops is to consider and embed practical solutions that help encourage meaningful conversations and to create an environment of trust; aligned with Unsettling’s purpose to help affect positive institutional change. 

This course includes an accessible and urgent introduction to decolonial politics and white supremacy, so we can gain a deeper critical awareness of how to navigate issues around race, gender and privilege and oppression in general. 

Ultimately- we will locate theory in practice and real-life examples, with a view to offering solutions for navigating discussion, disagreement or tension in the studio/classroom. 

This course is developed in response to the ‘Unsettling Pedagogy’ workshops from January 2019, which took the form of four intensive workshops and culminated in the Unsettling Report, which examined key concerns of participating tutors and potential ‘solutions’ that we co-designed.

This course also sets out to establish inclusive and inviting* 'ground rules' for the tutors to create with their students.