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The Teachings of This Moment

Reflections on Learning and Solidarity through crisis with Ayesha Ghanchi

Ayesha Ghanchi-Goemans is an educator and researcher with a focus on critical pedagogy in arts practice. As a researcher, Ayesha has examined artist-led pedagogies in the museum and gallery sector in London. Her research focused on how artist pedagogies have been influenced by radical and critical philosophies stemming from the 1968 moment. More recently she has collaborated with BAK and the Side Room to teach and explore critical pedagogy. She is also part of the Unsettling programme at Rietveld/Sandberg- exploring and thinking alongside tutors about how critical pedagogy relates to their teaching practices.

 The teachings of this moment: reflections on learning and solidarity through this crisis.
What can we learn about solidarity in this specific moment?
The pandemic has brought out the worst, but also the best in society. People are practicing solidarity in numerous ways throughout this physical distancing. How can we consider acts of solidarity as sites of learning? How can we use the specificity of this moment and its multitudes of solidarity-acts, to imagine a different and a better future?

In this session we will explore how this health, economic and resource-based crisis is a material manifestation of power-relations, in particular, how the economically disadvantaged and working classes are doing the most to serve the rest of society.
We should use this moment to articulate an activist dialogue that encourages solidarity across difference.