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with Angelo Custodio and Eva Susova

28+29.10.10:00–12:00 + 14:00—17:00
CS Theory Room

Embodied exercises engaging the multiplicity of the voice. We tune the listening towards the desires of individual bodies and search for inner voices that might have been contained and marginalized. Through a process of playful amplification and exteriorisation we will get comfortable with our voices, their volumes and multiple colours. Engaged in a shared tempo, we use embodied strategies to unsettle standard flows of thinking, meaning, judgment and definition. We propose a horizontal space with a constantly shifting form of communication that destabilizes the fixity of rules and existing definitions. 

Two days sign up compulsory - exceptions can be made, but not possible to join only afternoons. Sign up at Wear comfortable clothes - you might move, sweat and lay on the ground.

Angelo Custodio was born in Portugal (1983). He holds a BA in classical singing from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (CvA) and a MA in Fine Arts - Master of Voice (MoV), Sandberg Instituut. Angelo has been developing a research based practice that intersects critical theory, embodied practices related to the performative use of voice and social engagement. He attempts to open ‘cracks’, wild spaces that utterly welcome embodiments of ‘otherness’ and free ecologies of living, by developing performative encounters with the ‘strange’. He urges to promote empathic understandings of identities and focus particularly on the contemporary failure of support structures towards queer bodies and bodies with disability. Angelo has presented his work in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, China, Switzerland, Greece and Portugal.

Eva Šusová (1986, CZ/NL) obtained her MA in Fine Arts at Sandberg Institute, her BA in Choreography at the SNDO at Amsterdam University of Arts and in Dance and Pedagogy at Conservatorium Duncan Center in Prague. She has been working as an artist, choreographer and performer individually as in collaborations in The Netherlands and internationally. She is a co-founder of Jacuzzi- artist run space in Amsterdam. Šusová’s work investigates politics of body and movement through production of experiences where choreography is applied as a methodology for constructing relations. These relations often produce imaginative fictions, in form of performance, video, text and others, that resonate her subjective perception of contemporary environment. Her current research is focused on voice and modes of softening structures.