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unsettling Public Lecture

with CAConrad

13+14.11.from 17:00
Project Space 1

Nevelson: MOON to MOON a 27 Cycle of Living Magic

CAConrad will give a lecture about the (Soma)tic Poetry Ritual involving the sculpture of Louise Nevelson which was commissioned by the Louisiana Museum in Copenhagen. Images of the sculptures as well as the crystals used in the ritual as well as some of the resulting poems will be part of the event.

CAConrad is a 2019 Creative Capital Fellow, and the author of 9 books of poetry and essays.  While Standing in Line for Death (Wave Books), received the 2018 Lambda Award.  A recipient of a Pew Fellowship in the Arts, they also received The Believer Magazine Book Award and The Gil Ott Book Award. Their work has been translated into Spanish, Greek, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Danish and German.  They teach regularly at Columbia University in NYC, and Sandberg Art Institute in Amsterdam and their poetry can be found online at